Better Photos - More Traffic - Better Conversion - Faster Turnover

Better Photos - More Traffic - Better Conversion - Faster Turnover After
Better Photos - More Traffic - Better Conversion - Faster Turnover Before

Auto-Image.Online specializes in professional vehicle image editing services for Vehicle dealers to present their vehicles in online marketplaces. Professional automotive images not only help to showcase your vehicle offers professionally but also boost conversion rate as well as the dealers’ online reputation. 

Automobile image editing services provided by Auto-Image.Online includes:

- Vehicle Photo Optimization

● Color correction
● Contrast, exposure, light, saturation, white balance optimization
● Noise reduction
● Glamour enhancement

- Vehicle Clipping and Background Replacement Services

● Removing backgrounds / floor with distractions
● Shadow creation
● Vehicle windows clipping and masking, which removes the original background that can be seen through the windows
● Vehicle repositioning
● Design and replace customized professional new backgrounds
● Attaching the brand identity, company logo or slogans in the background

- Vehicle Retouching Services

● Standard vehicle photo retouching (stain / number plate / distracting elements removal)
● Advanced retouching (reflection removal, advanced glamour enhancement)
   Note: we normally do not alter the original status of the vehicle but just remove the distractions and enhance the vehicle photo in
   general to ensure the genuineness of your offer.
● High-end retouching and photomontage services (with which we can alter, manipulate and optimize everything parts and
   perspectives of the vehicle per clients’ needs)
● Interior / parts photo optimization